Israel Builds World’s Largest Solar Tower 以色列建造世界最大的太陽能塔

Vocabulary 單字

 [ˈsoʊlər]  (adjective)
– of or from the Sun, or using the energy from the Sun to produce electric power

 ex.  The family installed solar panels on the roof.

 [liːp]  (noun)
– There has been a leap in the number of people out of work.

 ex.  There has been a leap in the number of people out of work.

power station
 [ˈpaʊər steɪʃn]  (noun)
– a building or group of buildings where electricity is produced

 ex.  He works in a nuclear power station.

 [səˈraʊnd  (verb)
– to be everywhere around something

 ex.  The guards surrounded the man as he tried to leave the bank.

 [ˈkɑːnsənˌtreɪt]  (verb)
-to bring something together in one place

 ex.  This device will help concentrate the heat in one place.

 [ˈbɔɪlər]  (noun)
– a device that heats water, especially to provide heating and hot water in a house

 ex.  Our boiler is broken, which is why we need to call a repairman.

 [stiːm]  (noun)
– the hot gas that is produced when water boils

 ex.  Steam is coming out of the pipe.

 [ˈtɜːrbaɪn]  (noun)
– to make something become stricter

 ex.  A defect was found in the turbine of the ship's engine.


Article 文章內容

Israel Builds World's Largest Solar Tower


Israel, a sunny country along the Mediterranean Sea, is a perfect place for solar power. Even so, solar power supplies only a small percentage of the country's energy needs.

以色列是位在地中海沿岸的一個陽光充足的國家,是設置太陽能的絕佳位置。 儘管如此,太陽能也只供應了該國一小部分的能源需求。

But that situation is beginning to change.


In 2018, Israel's small solar industry will take a giant leap forward when a new solar tower starts working.


The tower will be 250 meters tall. It will be the tallest solar tower in the world. This information comes from Eran Gartner, the CEO of Megalim Power Limited.

這座塔將會有250公尺高。 這將會是世界上最高的太陽能塔。 這是由兆利姆太陽能有限公司的負責人伊蘭·高德納所提供的訊息。

The power station, Gartner says, will be surrounded by 50,000 mirrors spread over 3 square kilometers. The mirrors will concentrate all of the sunlight onto the solar tower.

高德納表示,這座發電廠將會被遍佈超過3平方公里的5萬片鏡子包圍。 鏡子將會把所有的陽光集中在太陽能塔上。

Here is how it works: Gartner explains that a boiler is at the top of the tower. It will use the heat of the Sun to turn water into steam. The steam will make a turbine turn.The turning will create power.

以下解釋了它的運作方式:高德納表示熱水器位在塔的頂端。 它將會利用太陽的熱氣把水轉變成蒸氣。 蒸氣會讓渦輪轉動。 轉動會產生能量。

There are already a dozen similar solar tower fields around the world. Currently, the largest is the Ivanpah plant in California. It has some 170,000 mirrors around three towers which are each 140 meters tall.

世界各地已經有十幾座類似的太陽能塔區域。 近來,最大的太陽能發電廠是位在加州的伊萬帕太陽能發電設施。 該座發電廠共有約17萬片鏡子圍繞在三座塔周邊,每座塔高約140公尺。


Questions 問題

   1. When will the new solar tower start working in Israel? 新的太陽能塔大約何時會在以色列開始運作呢?

   2. Why will this particular tower be special? 為什麼這座塔很特別呢?

   3. What is the largest solar tower field in the world at the moment? 目前世界上最大的太陽能發電廠域位在哪裡呢?

Discussion 討論

1. How does your country generate power? 你的國家採用什麼方式發電呢?

2. Do you have solar towers in your country? 你的國家有太陽能塔嗎?

3. Do you think that, in the future, we will only rely on renewable energy sources? 你覺得未來我們只會依賴可再生能源嗎?

Advanced exercises 進階練習

Summary 大綱

Please describe the main topic of the article with 1 or 2 sentences.



Discussion 討論

  1. Do you think that switching to renewable energy sources will only have a positive impact on the environment? Why or why not? 你覺得轉換為可再生能源對環境只有正面的影響嗎?為什麼呢?
  2. What kind of pollution do you think is the most harmful to human health? 你覺得哪一種污染對於人類傷害最大呢?
  3. Is there an easy way to make people stop polluting the environment once and for all? If so, what is it? 有什麼簡單的方法可以一勞永逸地阻止人們污染環境呢?如果有,請問是什麼方法呢?
  4. Why do you think that some countries don’t take any action to fight pollution? 你覺得為什麼有些國家不採取任何手段來對抗污染呢?
  5. "Water and air, the two essentials on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?「空氣和水,是所有生命賴以維生的兩個必須品,但卻已成為全世界的垃圾桶。」你同意這句話嗎?為什麼?


This lesson is based on a news article originally published by [VOA news]( 



Translated By April Wu